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The Benefits of Llama Manure (Source:A Guide to Raising Llamas by Gale Birutta)
Llama manure is high in nitrogen, yet it will not burn plants. Because of this, it make a beneficial additive for your plants. The manure can be added directly to plant roots without the risk of burning.

Animal manure has been used to aid plants for a long time. Animal manures

1) improve physical structure of soil
2) increase organic content
3) increase bacterial activity of the soil.

There are lots of animal manures, so why choose llama manure? With other manures, one has to be careful in how the manure is processed. If the manure dries out, it is not useful, so it is important to retain moisture. Using these manures fresh, however, is also bad because it can burn the plant roots. These manures are best if when they are partially decayed. But with llama manure, none of this applies. Use fresh or use dry, with no supplementing of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potash (potassium). What about dehydrated (cow) manure? Unless it contains additives, it is useless. Most of the nutrients are lost in the drying process. We are offering a supplement for your grass and plants, but we are not claiming this is a fertilizer of any kind. We are not guaranteeing any N-P-K ratio. We are just offering raw llama manure for aiding in the ways mentioned above. The manure is available to locals in Virginia and nearby states (minimum quantities required for delivery). Pick up is also available.

Current prices are:

SPECIAL: $20 for all you can bag per trip
50 lb bag llama manure $20
100 lb bag llama manure $30

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