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Our slogan says it all. We want your web page to get noticed like ours did by Animal Planet. Animal Planet found us out of hundreds of farms, by finding our web page. Your designed web page will stand out, because we try to design each one differently. We do not have a "cookie cutter" template, varying on a common theme. We'll work with you to incorporate your ideas into the web page to make it uniquely yours.

PORTFOLIO (Starting with the most recent designs)

  Argentine Llama Aficionados (2009) - Jim was one of the founding members of this organization devoted to Argentine Llamas. Site was redesigned with the control panel added so that group can make their own updates as needed.
High Meadow Alpacas of NC   High Meadow Alpacas (2009) - The alpaca farm we have designed for. Alpaca farms are welcome to inquire about our services.
  Blue Meadow Llamas (2009)
  Carothers Country Farm (2008)

Twin Lakes Llamas (2008)


  Livingston Llamas (2008) - This site is currenly suspended.
  Overman Llamas (2008)
  AlpacaSalesList.Com (2008) - This website is very similar to LlamaSalesList.Com. In fact, it is intentional that these sites are similar. It allows llama owners to easily browse this site because of the familiarity and vice versa. It is one of the more recent websites designed. This site also incorporated databases and more web development-type features. Redesigned in 2008.
   Dutch Flats Llama Company (2007) - This is a redesign, optimized for fast loading and easy to navigate. This site uses CSS instead of table formats, which is an outdated design method. Every site we've made since last year is using CSS.
  Roxywood Farms (2007) - This is another site with CSS and a control panel so that the client can make their own updates. Elegant and professional. The clients were thrilled with this site.
  LlamaSalesList.Com (2007) - is a one of a kind llama website that offers online llama auctions and many other online events. Advertising through many different venues. Llamas for sale are also posted. Owned and operated by Burnt Mountain Llamas.
  Criven Llamas (2007) - The client just wanted a one page site that showed several of her llamas and a glimpse of her breeding program.
bsite   FreeState Llamas (2006). One of our re-designs using advanced design techniques. The site is maintained by someone else and the new design no longer reflects our original design.
  Little Brook Farms (2006) - One of the latest sites completed by one of our designers. This site contains a user control panel added in 2007 that allows the user to make updates independent of relying on someone else.
Burnt Mountain Llamas, Inc.   Burnt Mountain Llamas, Inc. (2005) - This is our latest website for our farm, which also hosts our web design page. We've had lots of great reviews on this website, and it depicts the latest styles we implement in our designs. A lot of complexity is involved in this design as far as the javascript menu and frames go. This is one of the most popular llama webpages around, averaging about 50 visitors a day.
Four Ladies & Me Farm   Four Ladies & Me Llamas (2005) - one of our most popular designs. Many people have commented they would like a site similar to this one.
Ley Lab, University of Virginia   Ley Laboratory at The University of Virginia (2004) - This a very professional, polished website. (Lab members need to provide me materials for their individual pages). It uses CSS. Ley has left the University of Virginia in 2007 but kept the design mostly intact
Castle Rock Farm and Exotics   Castle Rock Farm and Exotics (2004) - One of our first clients in 2002, they started with a free website we created for them. It consisted of 20+ pages. We redesigned the original site, which we also designed several years ago.

Westerham Farm and Studio   Westerham Farm and Studio (2004) - This is a redesign from their original website. This site had a control panel added in 2007, so the user can make their own updates.
Sonador Farm   Sonador Farm (2004) - Our design is still mostly represented on this website, although it is currently maintained by the owner.
Agape Lland Llamas   Agape Lland Llamas (2003) - One of the first websites we designed. It is a basic design, but the llama buttons are one of a kind. This page has not been updated at all, so the design is still my original design.
Buck Hollow Llama Farm, Inc. - Original Design  


Buck Hollow Llama Farm, Inc.(2002) - This is one of our first sites and was actually a freebie to the client. It is one of our favorites and got lots of great reviews. The client has since created a new web site which no longer resembles the original website.


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