Jackalopes are probably in the same category as Big Foot (i.e., Sasquatch) and the Loch Ness Monster in most people's minds and rightly so. The idea of a rabbit-like animal with antlers seems absurd. I once heard rumors that it has been said that a small burrow of jackalopes had migrated to an area just outside of Yellowstone National Park from Douglas, Wyoming, the so-called jackalope capital of the US. Nothing could have prepared Jen and I for what we saw in Montana in September 2002: a real genuine jackalope right outside the house we stayed. We knew no one would believe that I trapped a jackalope, but we caught the process of catching the jackalope with a camera. We had the jackalope stuffed by a taxidermist who said he had never seen anything like it. The story is below, complete with pictures.

The Jackalope stayed in this position for a couple hours and we were able to capture its picture quite easily. We think he was curious about us being so close to his burrow, and I have read from those few that believe in jackalopes and have seen them, that they are territorial and aggressive. I could imagine that the spikes on those antlers could cause a severe puncture in the chest. But, this being the case, the excitement of seeing such a creature outweighed the danger. For I knew, if I could capture this jackalope, I would have the proof that they do indeed exist.




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